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Download iReboot 2.0 FINAL, Build 37

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iReboot 2.0 Command-Line Syntax:

iReboot.exe [/sticky yes|no] [/reboot yes|no] /target {guid}

/sticky: Whether to make this entry the default indefinitely or only for the next boot
/reboot: Reboot after changing the selection, or just apply the changes upon next boot
/target: The BCD {ID} for the entry you wish to boot into
New build

* Fixes the crash in build 16 if iReboot is started as non-admin
New build 18:

* Uses named pipes for communication between exe and service to completely bypass firewall
* Detects presence of EasyBCD and changes "Get EasyBCD" to "Launch EasyBCD" accordingly
* Support for sticky entries from the taskbar application as well
New build 19:

* Fixes incorrect reboot offset, caused incorrect reboot or crash if last entry.
Taking the spirit of "better late than never" to a whole new level, I'm happy to present iReboot 2.0 beta build 23.

This is a complete rewrite of the 2.0 product line (i.e. based off of 1.1.1 and not off of 2.0 from earlier in this thread).

* [IRBT-26]: Digitally-signed all installers, executables, and uninstallers
* [IRBT-14]: Option to allow sticky/persistent changes to next boot target (i.e. change default instead of just next boot)
* [IRBT-24]: The target of the next boot is already checked in iReboot (default boot target or special one-time boot target) on startup and sync'd with BCD
* [IRBT-6]: Reflect "set default to current on startup" by checking that option in the menu
* [IRBT-27]: Application icon is explicitly hidden on exit
* Updated about dialog and images
* [IRBT-16]: "Launch EasyBCD" vs "Get EasyBCD" based on whether it's installed or not
* [IRBT-23]: Intelligent auto-update checks (using same system as EasyBCD 2.3 beta)
* [IRBT-19]: Prefix iReboot menu entries with a bullet point to boost recognition
* [IRBT-17]: About dialog opens in center of screen
* [IRBT-22]: iReboot will now run in no-service mode if the service isn't installed and UAC is disabled or it's run elevated
* [IRBT-21]: Use IPC instead of TCP for communication (i.e. bypass firewalls) for communication between service and taskbar client

Download iReboot 2.0 Beta Build 33
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