Download Recovery Disk (non torrents)


HI All

Is there any place I can download the x32 recovery disk without using torrents?

I am currently in the office and cannot download torrents here.
Sadly the HTTP download we had offered was discovered by sites in China and linked all over the country. It was abused and there was well over 2-3TB worth of data downloaded from the servers in just a months time.

This is why it went to a Torrent.

Hotlinking of Vista Recovery Disc Disabled The NeoSmart Files

Sadly it will not be available via HTTP Download anymore from this site. If someone has gotten it from us and then uploaded it and offered it that is something else. But NeoSmart will not be offering it via HTTP anymore.

Sorry about that mate.
just a quick solution, why not upload this file to a file hosting site like megaupload or rapidshare or sendspace etc?
Torrents are far cleaner and easier than those sites that you mention which make you click through a million different ads/links to get to the download page..... and none of them support 160MB files, to the best of my knowledge.

Using torrents vs HTTP should really be a non-issue. There are a ton of excellent clients out there right now, from µTorrent to Vuze to Deluge; and the better browsers (like Opera) have built-in torrent support right out-of-the-box.

In fact, with browsers like Opera and general purpose download managers with torrent support, downloading a well-seeded torrent (like the NST recovery CDs) is invisible to the end-user and identical to an HTTP download except in the few cases where firewall restrictions in corporate settings make it difficult to DL such a file.
Opera supports bit torrent out of the box? Goes and downloads it... :smile:
Since we're on the topic, couldn't we upload it to sourceforge?
No. Sourceforge is completely Open Source. This is not. This was created within Windows Vista.
Yeah, but there are closed open-source projects too. I see why though since we didn't technically develop it. Wouldn't want MS coming after us or anything.