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One of the common complaints about ToolTipFixer 1.x is that it sometimes uses too much memory. Since it's written in C# and uses the .NET Framework, it's memory usage is variable, and it has been known to sometimes use a bit too much (6MB+).

ToolTipFixer 2.0 has been rewritten in C++ from scratch, and should use a lot less memory more consistently. ToolTipFixer no longer requires the presence of the .NET Framework, and runs reliably on all unicode-supporting versions of Windows (NT - Vista).

On my test machines, TTF2 is using 600k on Vista x64, 400k on Vista x86, and 1.1MB on Windows XP SP3 x86.

This release is practically final, just want to give it a limited test run before letting out in the wild.

I'd appreciate if any testers would first report how much memory ToolTipFixer 1.0.1 was using.

There is no need to uninstall TTF1 before installing TTF2, it will upgrade the old system automagically.


Download: ToolTipFixer 2.0 RC1


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Great work CG!

Just downloaded and upgraded from TTF1. Upon starting it i see 1116K used on my XP SP3 machine.

Compared to how much it was using 6044K before. So much improvement from what i see.

Yeah, it seems that Windows Vista has some improvements over Windows XP in terms of memory usage - I'm seeing XP taking around 1MB across the board; which isn't too shabby of course, seeing as no one has less than 512MiB at the very least these days.

Thanks for the quick uptake on this one, Alex!
Not a problem. I have not installed it on Vista cause i have not had this issue on Vista to need to install it. When i get the energy to install it i will. :wink: