Downloading Windows Vista Recovery Disc x86 Edition


I am not familiar with the uTorrent program and so don't want to install it as another program on my computer since I will probably use it only for this one time. I should note my current computer is an old Dell computer using windows XP Pro. I am preparing for my new Dell XPS 630 computer new month.

I would like to down load the Windows Vista Recovery Disc (x86 edition) file without installing the uTorrent program on my computer if it is possible. I have a AT&T DSL connection. Any help would be very much appreciated, Sam.
Hi scams, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

I'll address your question by pasting a reply I recently sent to an email on the same question, word for word:

That's easy - the "simple download" cost us over a grand the first
month it was up for download.
A number of chinese sites that hotlinked the file directly -
Forget Mashable; It's the Chinese You Should Worry About! The NeoSmart Files
- without linking to the actual site drove the cost of hosting the
files skyward, and it really hurt, esp. seeing as we're a non-profit

At the moment, as torrents over 7 *terabytes* have been downloaded
since Jan. You can imagine how much more traffic we'd have as regular
HTTP links, and how much more it would cost us.

So, sorry, if you want the CD you're going to have to install the free and tiny uTorrent to get it.
Uninstalling uTorrent Program Question

Appreciate your reply and explanation. Sorry for the following basic question since I am not familiar with uTorrent: will the uTorrent program cleanly uninstall from a computer with windows XP Pro, when it is no longer needed? Thanks again for you reply, Sam.
Yes uTorrent will cleanly uninstall. If you wish Revo Uninstall is a great utility. It will remove folder along with Registry keys from any applicaiotn installed when you want ot uninstall them.
Actually Mak, uTorrent doesn't even have to install.

When you run it, it'll ask if you want to install it or run it without setup. It doesn't touch the registry.
That is right. I forgot that uTorrent is super lightweight that it doesnt even mess with anything. It basically just places a executable file in the areas you request and that is it.

I very much appreciate all of your replies. I was concerned that I might have to search the registry for remaining entries that the uninstaller did not take care of. Will go ahead and install the uTorrent program and then download the windows vista recovery disc. My thanks for your replies and to the people who maintain this web site, Sam.