Drive Designations Change


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I currently have XP in C drive, Backup HD drive as D, and DVD drive as E.

I am going to load Win7 for dual boot. After I load Win7, is it possible to name C drive for Win7, D drive for XP, E drive for the backup HD and F drive for DVD drive? Is the process automatic or I have to configure it manually?
All windows OSs see their own lettering scheme. Since XP, it's just a set of registry entries. (previously dynamically allocated at boot).
If you want a new OS to be C, you must install it from the booted installation DVD, not from another running version of Windows, otherwise the running OS will call the new OS F (in your case), and that will become set in stone in the new registry.
To avoid complication, don't let the new install see the other OS (temporarily disconnect the other HDDs until the install finishes).
Then when you reconnect the other HDDs, you can use Disk Management to set the letters for them to your preferred scheme. (best keep D backup, and E as DVD on both OSs just to avoid confusion as you switch back and forth, and set XP as X (or what you will) when it's not booted.
Install EasyBCD 2.0 latest build on W7, add an entry for XP and let it auto-configure when it offers.
It will set everything up for you.