Drive does not have a system/active partition - can't set it


After a bizzare power outage in our area (a turkey flew into a substation!) my Win7 Ultimate 64 system wouldnt' come up. Boot manager was giving me errors...

I couldn't find my win7 install disk, so I booted an XP install disk and tried to fix things (I think this may have messed things up for me....) things still not working

So I finally got a hold of a Win7 disk, booted into the RE, ran Startup repair several times with no luck (now I've gone back and done it again and read the details - its finding that the Partition Table does not have a valid System Partition, each time I run it, and saying the Repair action is Partition Table Repair, but every time I come back it does the same thing over and over)

I've followed the manual steps listed here and some of them work, but eventually the steps always end up failing. Usually with an 'element not found' error.

I tried going into Diskpart to set an Active partition, and it looks like it works, but as soon as I exit diskpart, its not active.

How can I get my disk back to a system/active partition and make it stick?
Do you have multiple HDDs ?
If so, disconnect all of the others, leaving only the W7 HDD while you do the "repair your computer" "startup repair" sequence three times.
That was exactly it!!

Pull the 2 secondary drives, ran the repair, works great!

What a pain... but at least I don't have to reinstall!

Thank you!