drive letter change


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I am running a dual boot 2 separate hard drives xp and vista I had to reinstall vista and it assigned a different drive letter then the original vista install. was c: xp and H: vista now it is Vista c: and xp d: Vista will not let me change mapped drive letter. How do i correct my xp back to c: and vista back to H: so I can restore my backup files
Hello chmagic and Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

This is not a bug or anything. When you install Vista from booting off the DVD it will always take C:\ as its drive letter. This does not adversly affect your system. My system is like that as well.

I have XP reading my drives like this:

C:\ XP
D:\ Vista

But in Vista it is read:

C:\ Vista
D:\ XP

It runs fine. I have been able to backup and restore my data easily. The only way you could possible get that drive config again is by starting the Vista install from within XP and not choosing the upgrade path.