Drive: U ?


New to EasyBCD 1.7.2. Trying to dual boot between Vista32 (C drive) and Win7 64 (D drive). Both are on separate physical HDDs.

When I add an entry I select Vista as the type and D: as the drive but when I view the settings it says Drive: U. Restarts boot directly to Vista.

I've read the FAQ on this and I believe I am doing it correctly. Perhaps not.



Hi Paul, welcome to NST.
Bug in 1.7. Fixed in 2.0
Or you can workaround in 1.7 by "change settings" and putting it right.
Thanks Terry. 2.0 fixed that problem but Win7 64 won't allow unsigned driver installation. Looked at a few posts on this subject and you mention that Microsoft disabled this capability for Vista 64 after it went to RTM and you surmised that they would do the same thing for Win 7. Good call.

Any other options?


If you're saying that Vista sees W7 winload.exe as invalid sig, then that's a known Vista/W7 problem.
The workaround used to be to boot Vista from W7, but Easy2 can fix it for you.
Diagnostics/recreate boot files.
That will stop Vista thinking W7 is a fraud.
Thanks. Tried that. No joy.

After I select to boot W7 I get info feedback that says "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file". This is in reference to \Windows\System32\winload.exe.

Is this message coming from Vista or from W7?


That's the error I mentioned. Did you do the recreate with EastBCD 2.0 ?
If that didn't work, then the workaround I also mentioned will.
Put W7 first in the boot sequence in the BIOS and add an entry to W7's BCD for Vista.
There's no problem with W7 thinking Vista's digital sigs are wrong, just the other way round.
Thanks Terry. I moved the W7 HDD before the Vista HDD in boot sequence then added the Vista entry to W7's BCD. Works great!!

Yes, I did try to recreate with EasyBCD 2.0 before anything else. There was no effect. If you want me to try it again I will but I thought that I did it correctly.

Thanks again.