Driver Repository Help


I'm hoping someone can help me here... I did something stupid!

I had a critical need for hard drive space and so I deleted %SystemDrive%\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository , and gained a gb or two. The problem is that now I'm having tons of problems with drivers for usb stuff, flash drives etc etc. Vista can't find any drivers, and when it does it can't install them. I have a Compaq Presario running Home Premium SP1 that didn't come with the Vista installation dvd so I can't do a repair.
Any help would be much appreciated!!
You can get some great deals on HDDs. Sounds like you need to invest in some extra space. (How about a USB ext HDD, if you don't fancy rebuilding your system. They're only about 10p/Gb)
I've got a 160gb external, but it's almost full as well. Ripping a huge vinyl collection to lossless takes up a lot of space!! lol!
I might go for one of them terabyte externals.... I'd be able to start recording tonnes of tv!!I haven't been able to get over to a buddy's house yet to copy his files but as soon as I do I'll update here.
I ended up getting ahold of a vista install dvd and did a repair installation... I had to fiddle with a few settings afterwards but everything is good now. Thanks for all the suggestions!!!