Successfully loaded EasyBCD with new computer with win7 anf second old drive with xp. When I start xp it sees the new hardware in the new computer but can't get drivers can't use internet because no drivers to run hardware in xp. Obviously drivers are in 7, I just don't know where. Otherwise program is just what I wanted.
If you've just taken an old XP system out of a previous PC, plugged the HDD into new hardware, and tried to dual-boot it, the OS is never going to run without a repair install.
If the old PC HDD is IDE and the new PC has SATA, then you'll need an SP2 version of XP for the install, or else get SATA drivers from the mobo site and F6 them into the install from a floppy before setup runs.
If the old PC was an OEM (not self-build) which came with XP pre-installed, then the serial number will prevent it ever being used on another PC, because the OEM EULA ties it permanently to the original hardware it was supplied with. Even if you repair-install it, MS will decline to validate your attempt at activation.
I would like a 1394 driver for my canon md120 dvt video camera. sure it says start a windows movie maker and the do stuff with the camera but nuthin happens I dont see the legacy 1394 in the control system either how do i get it been all over Googieing and they just want to fog driver detective well i fell for it it but guess what it doesn't check your hardware. Three purchases for nix. any ideas????? Its Vista sorry
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