Dropped my Laptop..


...and broke the screen. Installed new one that works ok. At first startup I got all functions and desktop icons albeit long hang-time for every action. Things went from bad to worse..I can't start Vista..i've tried imgburn recovery disc and Toshiba recovery disc..screen message now says "Missing operating system". Has anyone had similar trouble?
Hi Paul, welcome to NST.
What did you do with the Toshiba recovery disk ?
You should be able to "factory reset" using it, so that the laptop is back as it was when you bought it.
If you want to rescue user files before the reset removes eveything of yours, get a copy of a Linux live distro, burn it, boot it and copy your files from the HDD to external storage first.
Hi Terry!
Restore to factory defaults failed when I tried it. "ERROR: 08-0E89-0000" Shut down is only option at this screen.
It just means a Linux you can boot and run directly from the CD without needing to install it to your HDD.
Use the link from my first post and try it.
Once you've booted from the live session you'll be able to browse files/folders like you would in Windows: Places -> "Computer" or "Computer Browser". Right click on files/folders to copy/paste from one drive to another.
Ubuntu is pretty cool! However, I think I zeroed out everything on my computer. I can't install Ubuntu. Something about; mounted partitions: "this computer has no operating system on it": "No route file system is defined".
"Ready to install" . "Your new operating system will now be installed...."
"WARNING: This will destroy all data on any partitions you have removed as well as on the partitions that are going to formatted."

At this point, do I go ahead despite WARNING? Will I get Vista back? Will I get any programs or data back?
No, you don't want to install Ubuntu, so don't click install on the desktop. You are only using it to rescue your data. Windows well need to be re-installed.
Thanks K. I appreciate your help. I can't find any data, etc. to rescue. I think I wiped everything out as I tried too many fixes. Paul
The fact that you can boot the Linux CD shows that your CPU, graphics, RAM and optical drive are all OK, so the most likely problem (suggested by your posted error code) is a broken HDD.
If when you boot the CD (using the first "run without changing your PC" option, not the Install option), you're absolutely sure that there's nothing left on your HDD (make sure you can see that it's empty, not just that you haven't worked out how to display its contents), then use the system/partition manager option to do a full format of the HDD (not quick format). It will take hours to complete but it might salvage a working HDD. If it completes successfully, try doing your "factory reset" again with the recovery disk(s).
Great, we're just trying to make sure you get off any unreplaceable data. At this point if you're confident there's nothing you'll miss you may boot from valid Vista install media (not our recovery disc). Go to repair my computer -> next -> command prompt:

select disk 0

At this point hit the x in the upper right hand corner of the recovery options menu. You'll be returned to the Windows installation screen where you may click install now to begin a clean install.
Did you give in to temptation and say yes to the Ubuntu install ? That's a Linux file not Windows
Are you sure you're looking at the HDD, not at the live system ?