Dual boot, 2 HDDs, XP and Vista.


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Hi all. Let me start by saying I'm a complete dual boot novice so feel free to explain stuff from first principles.

Basically, I have recently tried to move an old xp 32-bit, IDE hard drive to my much newer pc (which has always previously used vista 64-bit on SATA) and create a dual boot set up. I've managed to install the old HDD and repair the XP set up such that XP is now working, bootable, activated and groovy. I can also still boot to vista and so, by some definition I guess, I have a dual boot system.

HOWEVER, I can only switch which drive I boot to by switching the boot priority in the BIOS. Ideally I want a bootloader with Vista as the default so I can choose to boot to XP easily each time I turn my PC on. Pursuing this, I turned to EasyBCD and added an XP entry with the drive letter of the XP HDD and rebooted - I did get the bootloader menu I want, but now selecting XP just gives me a missing NTLDR error.

So, yeah, that's my issue, any advice would be great and rest assured that no suggestion is too simple.
Hi Dovetailed, welcome to NST.
EasyBCD 1.7 needs you to do some copying files and editing to achieve a working dual-boot.
Fortunately for you EasyBCD 2.0 latest build will do it all for you automatically.
Delete the XP entry, add it again and accept the offer to auto-configure.