Dual Boot 7 and Snow Leopard on 2 HDD's

I have an Alienware M17X with two Harddrives. One runs Windows 7 and the other runs Snow Leopard. Both work perfectly, however booting remains a problem.

Right now, I have the Snow Leopard HD as the primary and can use its bootloader to launch either Snow Leopard or Windows 7. However, the Snow Leopard bootloader (which is think is PC EFI 10.6) doesn't load automatically.

Each time the computer starts, I need to hit F12 and go into the boot menu and manually select Hardddrive.

I installed EasyBCD 2.0 build 93 and it sorta worked. I was able to boot into both 7 or Snow Leopard. However, while it does boot into Snow Leopard correctly, it doesn't load drivers correctly. I tried to replace components of the .ISO (forget the name) file like the com.apple.boot.plist, etc. But it doesn't seem to do anything.

Any ideas?

Also,i don't know if this means anything, but the Snow Leopard Harddrive is in the GUID file system.