dual boot 7 xp, reboot at loading different system


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I've managed to install xp after 7 and made the dual boot working using EasyBCD. My problem is: when I run 7 or xp,turn the computer off and change the system the computer will restart once at loading (few seconds after windows logo turns up). It asks me after that (after choosing system, no matter which one), if I would like to enter safe mode. If I'm still choosing the same system, everything is all right.

What might be the problem?
I wonder if continuos rebooting at loading can damage some important system files?
My laptop is Samsung Q320
I've got exactly the same problem with dual booting Win7 64bit and WinXP 32bit using EasyBCD. Earlier I had also Ubuntu (via GRUBLoader).

Tried probably all possible configurations: win7 after xp, xp after win7, etc.
Upgraded and Downgraded BIOS - no help.
Searched the web for 7 months now and no solution.

Noticed that computer also reboots once during clean install of any system and when trying to boot to OS from bootable usb drive (Ubuntu).

The funniest thing about it is that my girlfriend has the same model of laptop, purchased in the same store (only last digits of serial numbers differ), she also has dual OS installed by me and she has no such issues.