Dual boot backtrack3 with Vista 32


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Hi Everyone
Newbie here, apologies to Terry and all if missed the answer in FAQS to this question.

I have Vista Ultimate installed on main partition of hard drive that was resized to allow 17Gb for Linux etc. I have created a USB stick with BT3 that boots a treat using F12 on my LT.However I now want to dual boot. I have installed BT3 on to my second partition and have downloaded EasyBCD 2.0 beta 59 and it recognises both operating systems, I then used the auto configure utility and restarted the machine.
All well and good so far, was given the option to choose either Vista or BT3. When I go to choose BT3, it then comes up and says no BootMGR. If I choose to boot Vista in the option , it works normally.
What am I missing apart from lot of grey cells!