Dual Boot Default OS Timer

I recently redid my PC dualbooting windows 7 and windows 10 it is UEFI on a GPT partition setup(windows 10 wouldnt let me install 64 bit without this setup and my system wont let me disable EFI)
when windows 10 is the default the OS countdown timer counts down
when windows 7 is the default the OS countdown timer doesnt start at all
now I have done this dualboot setup before and the count down timer worked on both before.
I'm kinda baffled as to what happened to make the timer not work so I hoped maybe someone might know
I did do a search to see if this issue might be already here and the search came up empty so I figured I would post



Mostly Harmless
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Hi Jenna, and welcome to the forums.

Is this configured with EasyBCD?