Dual boot DOS and Vista


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Need to have the ability to drop into DOS so that I can restore or create a ghost image of the machine that I am working on. I do use VMware also, but have the requirement of running on 'real hardware'.

This was pretty simple with XP. Create a 3 partitions on the disk, 1 for dos, 1 for windows XP, and one for data.

I can't figure out how to use EasyBCD so that I can boot into DOS. I've tried setting up the second item to be a Windows 98 type of windows, but give an error when it restarts (\bootsect.dos could not be loaded because the app is missing or corrupt)

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I am going incorrectly?
Better idea: EasyBCD 2.0 has full DOS and Windows 9x support. Drop me a private message with your email address & your agreement to not redistribute any private builds; and I'll send a copy your way.