Dual boot DOS & Vista



I'd like to make a USB flash drive with 2 partitions, one with DOS and one with WinPE 2.0 (Vista). Could Easy BCD help me edit the flash drive's BCD, or is it meant only for the primary hard drive?

It should. It depends on how the USB device is setup. If it allows you to install EasyBCD then it should edit it no problem. If you install it on your Primary drives it will not allow you to edit the USB devices at all. You will haev to install it on the USB Device to edit those entries.
EasyBCD | File | Open Registry

You can then select the BCD file on the flash drive and mess with it as you like :smile:
I've created two partitions on the 1gb USB flash drive (using Acronis Disk Director 10):

Partition 1 for DOS: 64mb, FAT16, primary partition, active
Partition 2 for WinPE: 909mb, NTFS, primary partition

However I can't get my Windows XP or Windows Vista workstations to recognize the second partition, it only brings up the DOS partition. Perhaps this is because it's a removable drive? I need both partitions recognized by my Windows workstation so I can copy the WinPE 2.0 (Vista) flat files to this drive. Once I get all files in place, then I can use Easy BCD to create the boot menu I need. Any ideas?