Dual Boot Error (Win7 and Win XP)


I have two HDDs one with Windows 7(250GB) and other with WinXP(120GB). As my PC does not allow me to select boot drive by pressing F8 or any key, i tried to make it dual boot using EasyBCD.

I installed EasyBCD on Windows 7 and as per the tutorial added entry to Win Xp and then follwed the steps to Install WinXP bootloader to MBR and then write MBR.

When i rebooted PC with Windows 7 disk as my primary boot drive it ended up in error invalid Boot.ini file ,booting from C:\Windows

as i have Win XP installed on another drive i can boot in XP without any problem.(Changing boot device in BIOS ofcourse) (before adding EasyBCD to my Windows 7,it was working fine too )(but each time i had to change the HDD order in boot order of my BIOS)

what is the resolve ?

thank you


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You don't load the XP boot manager onto W7 !!!!!
That's only for abandoning any use of Vista/7/8 if you've tried any of them and decide you don't want them any more and are going back to an XP-only world on a single HDD multi-boot.
You only needed to add an XP entry to W7's BCD (auto configure).
Full Stop.
That's it.
Now you've regressed your boot so that it's incapable of booting anything newer than XP and you'll need to use your W7 DVD to repair it