Dual boot escape


I need Vista (32) – Win 7 (64) 2-drive dual boot (from Vista) procedure for eliminating Vista and selection screen delay.
I have succeeded in eliminating the Vista choice at start, but I still have a one-item choice with delay, and I want to delete and recover the Vista drive as free space. I would welcome an explanation of what to do next to avoid having to choose one out of one operating systems, I would be reassured to learn if I can safely delete the contents of the Vista partition, and I would like to know if I will be forever stuck with the boot location on a different drive than the operating system.
EasyBCD2 > BCD Backup/repair > Change boot disk
Point it at W7 when it asks.
Change the BIOS to boot from the W7 HDD
Boot W7 (check that W7 is "active" "system" "boot" in Disk Management)
Format the Vista HDD when ready
EasyBCD2 > "Edit Boot Menu" > Tick "skip the boot menu"
Sorry, but it was my first post and it was not intended to be private. Please feel free to move it to a public thread, as it may interest many readers.

Further to that end, I might mention that the 'standard' help file is pre-Win 7 and there may be any number of other users who ran Vista and 7 as dual boot for a time, and now want Win 7 exclusively.