Dual boot, fresh re-install and reduce to single boot


I'm building a new computer.

The existing one is to be the backup machine. The existing computer is currently dual-booting W2000 on the C:\ with Vista x64 on the D:\

..I want to get rid of the W2000 completely from the C:\ and re-install a fresh Vista x64 onto the C:\ where the W2000 used to be and get rid of the existing Vista x64 from the D: (It's been installed since the day Vista was released and I think it's about time I re-installed Windows or I'll forget how to do it... and it's getting a bit top heavy after 3 years).

I'm wondering what I have to do and particularly in what order I have to do it... I don't want to get bogged down with my old computer while I've got all these shiny new components for the new computer lying around the room, now do I..?

Any quick suggestions for an easy life greatly appreciated. tia.

First you need to backup anything important to a safe place. When you're ready to install Vista click the custom installation option and when you get to the partition screen delete all the partitions listed until there's nothing left but "Unallocated Space". You can than either create a partition for Vista to your liking or just hit next to have Vista use the entire drive.