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Hi all... I need some help to set up my dual boot system.

I originally had only Vista and then added XP to another partition on same disk.

After installing XP, the system will boot only to XP. So I follow the instructions to recover Vista bootloader from XP using Easy BCD. I wrote the MBR to install Vista Downloader, but forgot to add a new entry to have both OS in the bootloader menu...

So after rebooting it goes to Vista directly. As a result I cannot boot to XP anymore, even when its there, lying in another partition.

So I installed EasyBCD again, but this time on my Vista OS. And tried to add another XP entry to the boot options, but when I choose to add it says that cannot find any XP sytem on the speficied disk (which was in automatic mode). I tried each disk at a time, and always get same error.

So my question is how can I add the boot to XP option to my Vista bootloader?

Certainly I dont want to reinstall XP again...I guess renistallig XP will work (assuming I will not forget again to add the XP entry, when botting from XP), but I hope there s another faster/simpler solution.

Some more info:
Vista is on partition 1
Original Vista recovery is partition 2
XP is on partition 3

There is no boot.ini in my XP partition root folder.

The ARC path in the boot.ini file on my Vista partition is this:

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Screenshot of disk management should show us whats wrong. Your boot.ini looks right as far as I can tell. What error are you getting when you select the entry at boot time (when you've manually created it)?
Hi Justin, well...I went through a full XP again,,,but now i have another problem.

installed XP, installed easybcd restored Vista bootloader,,,,but,,,when trying to add new entry (to add xp to the boot menu) the following error appears:

"BCD Execution Error!
An error occurred while attempting the specified create operation.
System could not allocate the required space in a registry log."

My XP partition has about 35Gb of free space, just in case...

Im stuck here...
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