Dual Boot Issue

So I tried Dual Booting linux mint 13 (maya) and my Win7, which i already had installed, today using this guide http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/06/06/how-to-dual-boot-linux-mint-13-cinnamonmate-and-windows-7/
I followed the guide to the letter and then when I tried booting into linux it gave me a Grub4Dos command prompt.
I am unsure what to do now, all I'm trying to do is be able to easily run linux or Win7 with Win7 as the main/first OS
I tried the neogrub thing as well from the wiki but no luck their eather
I have a 1TB HDD if that makes any difference
any help would be apreciated


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Are you using EasyBCD 2.2?
Yes I am using the latest version of EasyBCD

UPDATE: So since my first post I deleted the partitions to try a different guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9S77a62RDQ which originally worked out, I made all the right partitions set it to boot like he did and got the linux boot screen and when I booted windows it gave me the Windows boot screen after that, I'm guessing because of the changes I had made with EasyBCD. I still wanted the Windows boot screen though so I used from the Add Ubuntu to the windows boot menu in your EasyBCD ubuntu dual boot guide in your wiki, and that ended up giving me a rescue grub> prompt, I couldn't use any normal commands the only thing i could do was ls, which showed me all my partitions, and I couldn't even boot into Windows anymore. So i booted up my live CD from my usb for linux, partitioned my hard drive again from there to a 500gb data storage partition, I put all my important files in there and reinstalled windows. The reinstall didn't change my MBR because it still showed my windows boot prompt, so I reinstalled a few things then tried to install linux again, this time I didn't care about getting the linux boot prompt instead of the windows one I just wanted to be able to use them both. So I reinstalled linux from my live CD USB only this time instead of comming up with the linux boot prompt like i wanted, it just gave me a windows boot prompt and only booted windows. So that's where I am at at the moment, I dont know how to set my MBR back to normal either so that it stops comming up with the Windows boot prompt without me having to just go into EasyBCD and change it to don't show boot screen. I no longer care about getting a windows boot screen instead of a linux one, I don't feel it really makes a difference in the long run anyway, unless I'm wrong and it makes some big difference. I just want to be able to boot them both and have it actually work.
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