Dual boot Mint 9 with Win 7

Hi guys,

I am having an issue with getting Linux Mint 9 dual boot with Win 7 utilizing EasyBCD.

The equipment is an outdated Dell 8400 with a single WD 1 TB hdd. I have four partitions on this drive; Linux Primary partition 125 GB, Linux swap partition 4 GB and two Win 7 partitions (100 MB and the main partition ~865 GB).

I am intrigued by testing various various dual boot o/s combos. The combo of Windows 7 followed by Linux Mint 9 (utilizing Linux boot loader) went great without any problems.

In my next testing stage, I loaded Mint 9 first and then Win 7. I downloaded EasyBCD which I have used in my dual boot with Win 7 and XP.

Running EasyBCD I enter the "Add/Remove Entries". Clicking on the Linux entry tab I chose "Grub" as my version. The drive chosen is the main "Linux native 125 GB".
Clicked on the "Add Entry" and saved the entry.

"View Settings" shows two separate entries; Win 7 and Mint 9. The bootloader path for Mint 9 is "\NST\nst_grub.mbr " which I know is not correct since when I reboot I get two os options. Clicking on Mint 9, the message displayed reads: "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware/software change might be the cause..."

Clicking on the Windows 7 option works since it is the current boot loader.

How do I fix my problem? Thanks.