dual boot now xp won't display


Except for a few drivers to install, on boot up xp won't display anything. It starts, I can hear the startup, but then the screen is dark. It was working fine last night. The only thing I did was update adobe acrobat this morning. Was working fine up till then.

How can I boot into xp and go into where I can see the screen so I can do a system restore. The vista side works fine on boot up.

Thanks, Marion
After you select XP from the boot menu hit F8. This will bring up the menu to select Safe Mode or last known good configuration.
I hit f8 at startup, tried safe mode and nothing. I hit enable vga mode and I get the windows xp spalsh screen, then the sound that xp is starting, then dark screen. Tried last know good configuration and got the same thing.


Is there a way to do a system restore (on the xp d:drive) from the vista c: drive?
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You can use Last Known Good Configuration up to 3 (or 4?) times in a row, each time will be a different "good configuration"
Somehow this got really hosed. Tried rebooting using last known good configuration 6 times. Same thing, xp spalsh screen comes up, sound says xp booting, then dark. I'm guessing it is the display drivers I installed last night trying to get the video card drivers updated.

Using safe mode just locks up and does nothing. Unless there is something else, next step would be reinstalling xp on the d drive. Hope you have some other suggestions. I do appreciate the help.

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Another question. When I try to do the reinstall, it asks me for admin password. I have never entered one when I installed xp in the first place. If I hit enter it takes me to D:\windows. Any way to get around this or do I have to do a full install and start from the beginning?

You're pressing "R" too early.
Skip the section about pressing "R" to enter the recovery console, and press "R" when asked to repair the installation of Windows.
You guys have been great in helping me get my toshiba back to working order. I have everything working except for one item. The graphics or screen colors won't adjust so I installed the original drivers from the vista install disk but that didn't help. In device manager the video controller (vga compatable) is yellow marked which means xp installed generic drivers. If someone can direct me to a good driver I will be forever grateful. Here are some system stats:
Toshiba satellite A215-S7462 (PSAFGU-00H002)
Board: ATI SB600 rev1
ATI Radeon X1200 display adapter

Let me know if you need other info. Like I said I do have the original install disk if that helps.

Thank you so much again,
Been to that site and downloaded files but still can't get colors adjusted. I have Photoshop installed and the colors are terrible. Of course I can always go into Vista and work from there. I really like xp pro though.

Use a program like DriverCleaner to remove the old drivers, delete the VGA card from the Device Manager, then run the ATi setup program once more.
Update on my problem trying to get the ati drivers to install. I found this site http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool/ and followed his suggestions. After downloading and installing the modtool I was able to extract and load the ati driver into xp pro. It is working perfectly now. I want to thank everyone here who has helped me get this dual boot going. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hope anyone who reads this thread having the same problems I did is able to get up and going.

Thank you again,
Hey Marion, that's great news.

Thanks a bunch for letting us know how you ended up getting it to work, it's always really wonderful to see people that post back with tips w/ what worked for them!
sound drivers

original system came with vista
i reloaded xppro sp3

i have the same model and got everything working except for the sound
the system shows the audio devices but no sound comes out,
after couple of days i plugged my headphones and the speakers started to work,
if i remove the headphones the speakers do not work

can somebody help
Reconfigure the sound under Sound and Audio Devices with the headphones disconnected. Make sure you got the latest drivers.