Dual Boot on two different HD's?


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I may have missed it in another thread, but is it possible to leave Vista on my original HD and put XP on my secondary HD and dual boot that way? or do I have to put it in the primary HD in a partition only.
I currently have XP installed on a single drive, primary partition (HD0,0), with a few extended partitions for data/storage.

I purchased a second drive for Vista (HD1), and thought I would have to unplug drives to avoid corruption when booting from one or the other. I have a BIOS setting that is supposed to disable one drive or the other, but after disabling HD0 and booting the Vista install CD, the Vista boot manager saw everything on HD0.

Then I found out about EasyBCD. :smile:

If I install Vista on HD1 and hide HD0, can/will the Vista boot partition be referenced as C:, or something else? Can this be done?

Basically, I want to boot into XP as C: for every day tasks, and boot Vista as C: also for testing/evaluation. At some point, I may want to go to Vista exclusively.

I just a lot of open source software (Mozilla, Thunderbird, Gimp, etc.) where configurations are stored in the user's 'home' directory as opposed to embedded in Windows registry. It would be easier if I could use copy data/configuration files from one boot partition to the other.

Thanks for any information you can provide.