Dual boot OSX-XP


First, I'm an idiot, but I speak English. Let that be said.

I have a Dell Mini 10v and am trying to install OSX 10.6 and XP before a meet tomorrow.

I have tried it a number of ways: OSX first, XP first, chain0, chameleon to no avail. One of my worries is that Netbook Installer 0.8.4 RC1 is complicating the process by re-writing the MBR and adding an EFI partition.

The mini has been running OSX 10.6.2 for a year or more so I know that's not the problem.

I imagine it's a small argument with the MBR and OSX, or Chameleon and installing on GUID or MBR, but again, I'm an idiot.

All humility in advance.
Yes, but not even getting that far.

160 GB disk

- Format using GParted, two "equal" sized partitions. One NTFS and one HFS+
- Install XP and replace boot loader with a Vista/7 boot loader.
- Try to install OS X on HFS partition and it requires a format of the entire drive with a GUID base. (Negating XP install)

That's where it stops.

Other try is:
- Format again using GParted the same way. Two partitions. NTFS and HFS+
- Install OS X (This apparently installs another 200Mb partition for EFI)
- Install XP. Gets to the first boot to go to GUI install and stalls.
- Cannot boot into XP regardless of device,drive, partition. Sometimes missing hal, others incorrect drive configuration. Regardless, the XP install is a brick.

That's where this stops. My only guess on this one is something to do with the EFI partition, and XP not liking to be on the third partition. (Just a guess)

Not sure what I'm forgetting or missing here. I've had many machines dual booting in Vista and 7 with your wonderful software, but I don't think I ever tried it with XP.

I'm sure that it's something that that will make me laugh once I see it, but it's still eluding me.

Thank you very much for your help.
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Hi Toad,

We don't provide support on the actual installation of OS X as a matter of policy, but I can tell you that you need to install it to an MBR-only disk for best results. EFI and legacy operating systems like XP are not supported.

Also, EasyBD won't run unless you have Vista or Windows 7 somewhere in the mix.