dual boot problem vista ultimate x64 with xp x86


i have a problem with xp and vista x64 to.i instaled firs xp and then vista x64.vista worked but after the first restart it stoped booting.it doesn't get past the loading screen.what is the problem.can you help me?

P.S.: xp work normaly but vista is dead
Hi CoCo, welcome to NST.
Did you install SP1 through Windows Update ?
There's a known problem with an apparent hang (frozen mouse/keyboard, blank screen) at 99% completed.(the HDD LED flickering indicates that updating is still continuing)
If you hit reset too soon (give the system 30 minutes for the HDD activity to stop), you'll break the SP1 install.
If this is your situation, try F8 at power-up to get into safe mode, and use system restore to take you back to the checkpoint before SP1.
If you can't get into safe mode, boot the Vista DVD, "repair your computer", then access system restore from the next screen.
If this successfully gets you back, make sure you give SP1 much more time next time. (have a coffee while you wait)
no.it was a fresh install.
it finished instaling.booted to windows and he self restarted after about 2 minutes.after that stays at the loading screen and does nothing(the hdd led is not blinking).by the way with vista x86 works fine.


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Are you saying the install didn't complete ? That you've never successfully had Vista running ?
Have you got CD before HDD in the BIOS ?
If you Install from a CD/DVD, by a F8 temporary "boot from CD" in the extended boot menu, when the setup program auto-reboots, it won't go to the CD first, but will try to boot the half installed HDD.
You need to have the BIOS set to find the DVD before the HDD, so that the auto-reboot continues with the install.
install completed.i know all this stuff whit boot.what i want to solve is why my fresh instaled vista x64 in dual boot with xp x86 doesn't start?
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Try everything you can before reinstalling.
Obviously something is wrong.
2 possible causes.
You didn't have a working firewall/AV during your initial install online and were unlucky enough to be victim of a drive-by malware attack.
You have a bad block(s) on your HDD which is affecting one of the modules necessary for the boot to complete.
Try booting the Vista DVD, "repair your computer"/ "recovery console" and run a chkdsk /f against your Vista partition, and see if it can fix the problem.
If not, reinstall Vista, but do a full format of the partition before the install (not a quick format - that won't analyze the disk surface)
installed,reinstalled and rereinstaled.same thing.boots after windows finishes installing and then nothing.it stops booting.it's loading and loading and loading.... and don't boots up.
Ok, really my best diagnosis is that your x64 media is bad cause your hardware is decent and Vista 32 is working fine for you. At this point you'll need to seek a replacement from your OEM or if its a retail copy MS well replace the damaged disc for you.