dual boot problem win7/linux


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I have a problem with setting properly dual boot. I have two hard disks: 1. Windows 7 (installed alone) 2. Linux (installed alone, lilo installed in mbr) I want to use windows 7 to choose between linux and win. I add linux option in easyBCD, and choose lilo, device drive 1 partiton 2 linux (this is my bootable partition on second disk) and save. After reboot when I choose linux I only see black screen and nothing happens. How should I set this settings? I know there is a way to intall lilo on a partition and then blablabla, but I want to set it up in this particular way.


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LILO needs to be installed to the bootsector of the linux partition and not the MBR.

Read here: Linux - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

The instructions are a little out of date, but they should make things fairly clear.