dual boot problem (Win7 x64 - WinXP x86)

okay so i have Windows 7 x64 and i want to add Windows XP

i've followed these steps (method two):

o i've splitted my hdd to another 100gb partition
i installed Windows XP.. it copied all the files and when it had to reboot i had the "Error loading Operating System" problem so i inserted my Windows 7 installation disc, launched the Command prompt and typed in these commands:
bootrec /FixMbr
bootrec /FixBoot
bootrec /RebuildBcd
after that my Windows 7 booted and i have installed EasyBCD
(on my new partition there was a map created "WINXP" (581MB) and a 11KB "$$RENAME.txt" file)

so in EasyBCD i've followed the 9th and 10th step at the link i gave you and at "View Settings" everything seemed Okay... i had win7 and win xp... but when i reboot i again have win7 and win7 ultimate to choose from... and when i pick win7, the pc boots, i go back to EasyBCD and again i have only win7 and win7 ultimate...
win xp i added before just disappears...
(extra info: win7 ultimate doesn't work from the boot menu)

Please Help!!
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Delete the surplus W7 entry and add XP again (auto).
Your linked instructions are contradictory.
Step 10 is redundant after step 6 and negates step 9
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