I have an Acer 5338 Laptop computer configured with Easy BCD to boot into two alternative OS's.

The problem arises when attempting to use ITV player. Originally this worked O.K. with the original Windows 7 OS. It the ceased to work. It will play the adverts and the sponsors preliminary piece and then stops. This computer had a dual boot system with Windows 7 and Windows XP. Windows XP would not work (see my earlier posts)
I tried system restore but this did not cure the problem. I had a disk image of the operating system made months earlier, when ITV Player worked O.K. so I used this to install a second version of Windows 7 on the partition that XP had occupied. This cured the problem. When the second "earlier" version of Windows 7 was booted ITV Player ran O.K. Now the second version of Windows 7 will not boot. When this is selected (even using "Last Good Configuration that Worked" or "Safe Mode") the resultis the same. The "Starting Windows" biefly appears the it goes back to the "Windows Boot Manager" page. I have tried altering settings in Easy BCD but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions please?

Regards All,