dual boot problem


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I had Vista on C drive and now i installed XP on D drive. I had vista as the default OS but wanted to change to XP so i changed the settings just to make XP default. But now i am not able to open XP at all and the following message comes up saying that there is aproblem with NTLDR path.
File: /NTLDR
Status: 0x00000F
Info: Selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt

when i try to change the settings the software wont allow me to select drive D as the source.

i would really appreciate any help
Grab EasyBCD latest build from here. Re-add an XP entry. Its faded cause EasyBCD knows what its doing. When it asks to autoconfigure let it do so.
Hi, i have a same similar problem. Maybe much worse.
After instaling XP on second drive and trying to auto configure boot with EasyBCD, this one hanged up , now its impossible to start Vista anymore (no nldr- message).
When i try to run auto configuration with EsyBCD, its just makes more and more huge ntldr file on XP partition and wont stops even after 1/2h or cca 80GB big file.
Im running latest build if EasyBCD.
What shoul i do to repair my Original Vista boot and then arrange XP so, that both system will work?

Thanks for help.
Hi rpeter, welcome to NST.
When you installed XP, did it take over the boot ? was XP the only system booting ? (see point 4 in the sticky thread)
If so, repair the Vista boot first and run EasyBCD from Vista, to add XP to the BCD.
Thanks Terry, so was my solution.
Needed first to find download for Vista Recovery CD and lucky to have my old comp to burn a CD.
Then repaired a Vista boot and use EasyBCD to set up as I wish.

I was already afraid to loose all.