Dual-Boot problem...


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Okay, the motherboard I'm using has 6 SATA ports on 1 SATA controller. I have 2 SSD's in a RAID configuration, and 1 hard drive with an XP partition on it. I installed windows 7 to the SSD RAID, and XP was already on the other hard drive.

If the XP hard drive disconnected, I get the boot menu and can boot into windows7 fine (I did write the windows 7 mbr / added the entry for xp through easybcd on win7)

If the XP hard drive is connected, it tries to boot straight to windows XP (no menu)then BSoD's.

If I try to boot from the windows XP CD, it "loads files", then when it tries to start windows, it BSoD's.

Please help, thank you.

Edit 1: The 2 SSD's were not connected to this SATA controller when windows xp was originally installed on the other sata drive, if this makes a difference.

Edit 2: The BIOS boot priority is set to 1: CDROM 2: Hard Drive 3: Hard Drive.

Edit 3: The PCH SATA CONTROL MODE in the BIOS is set to "RAID(XHD)" instead of AHCI or IDE, which is what the motherboard book said to configure the RAID on this sata controller. Is having the XP install on this sata controller with the RAID not going to work?
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What service pack does Windows XP come with if any? Without at least service pack one slipstreamed into XP,Windows XP can’t handle a drive bigger than 128 GB.

How did you set up the partitions on the hard drive that you are using for Windows XP?