Dual Boot problems with PCLinuxOS


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I have 2 HDDs - Windows 7 on one and Linux on the other. Initially I installed Linux Mint 13 on the second drive (Win 7 disk was disconnected from power and data during this), then installed EasyBCD on Win7. No problems - dual boot worked fine. Last week I decided I would prefer a rolling Linux distro so I installed PCLinuxOS on the second drive in place of Mint13. Then the problem started. No matter what settings I use the dual boot fails. I have read the guides and suggestions within these pages but I still have no success.

To check my own sanity I installed Sabayon instead of PCLinuxOS and that is fine - dual boot without any problem. I do note Sabayon uses Grub2 (as did Mint 13) whilst PCLinuxOS uses Grub (legacy). I can only assume this is the area where the difficulty lies - but I cannot resolve it. I could boot into PCLinuxOS by selecting the "Boot Setup" option when starting the computer and then choosing the second HDD, but not using dual-boot.

Can anyone help?




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If using legacy grub on a separate HDD, did you remember to tick the "Use EasyBCD's copy ...." box
(point 7 in the sticky)


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Hi Terry

Thanks for the response - yes I did tick the box as in the "sticky". I also tried every other permutation I could. Today I re-installed PCLinux and still experience the same difficulties. However during installation I took photos of the boot options. Then took some of EasyBCD settings and the result. The only way I can find to send these is a a video so I include the link below. The 7 frames are/

1 PCLinux Boot Device Choices
2 """"""""" Bootloader Question
3 """"""""" Bootloader Choices
4 """"""""" Boot Menu Entries
5 EasyBCD Linux Menu
6 """""""""" Settings
7 End Result

So can you please review the options and advise which I should make.

Many thanks


Link to video [video=youtube_share;JAjQBZ2ekH8]http://youtu.be/JAjQBZ2ekH8[/video]


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jjd, are you using the latest version of EasyBCD? The screencast omits the title bar, I can't tell.
Also, I presume PCLinuxOS uses GRUB2 these days like all the rest... in the app you added the entry as "Grub (Legacy)"?


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Yes, I am using the latest EasyBCD and I understand PCLinux still uses Grub (legacy). I have tried Grub2 and just get the GRUB> prompt.