Dual boot question please help


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Hello, my question sounds simple, I hope the answer is as simple.
I have a pc running XP Pro on an IDE hdd. I got the urge for Windows 7 so this is how I did it. I disconnected the old IDE with XP Pro (out of the machine completly). Bought a new SATA hdd and did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate. My question is this, can I just plug in my old IDE hdd, run Easybcd while on Windows 7, and be done? or is it more complicated? Also if this is the case, what do I do in Easybcd exactly?

Thank you for any help I may recieve and I'm sorry for any ignorance I'm just very in the dark when it comes to dual booting. I have a few programs that I must run in XP and are very vital to me. I'm afraid if I can't get this to work I may have to do away with Windows 7.