Dual boot repair


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Hi all,

New to forum so a quick hello from me.

I have been running a Dual boot where the Vista is the Primary drive and XP was a second drive. I have used Easy BCD to set up and all working perfectly for about a year now.

Last night I had a hard drive failure and lost my XP drive. I have a new drive to replace it and there was nothing critcal on the drive I lost so I would like to do a clean XP install onto that new drive. (XP used for Gaming only).

The boot menu's still work obviously as Vista drive is fine but there is no data on the new drive I have plugged in so of course it doesn't boot to XP when selected.

What is the best way of getting XP onto this drive without effecting the Boot files on Vista?

If that is not possible what is the best workflow for getting back to where I was before my HD failure?

I am able to change the HD boot priority on my Motherboard if that helps.

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Hiya James, welcome to NST.

It's really easy with EasyBCD:
Just reinstall XP by booting from the CD and point the installer to the second drive.
Once setup is finished, you'll be booted into XP directly (no way of getting at Vista). Install EasyBCD on Windows XP (you'll need to install .NET 2.0 first), and run it.

EasyBCD | Bootloader Management | Reinstall Vista Bootloader

.... and that's it. You'll get the old Vista boot menu at startup, and your old XP entry should work just fine :smile: