Dual Boot Setup Win7/XP


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I'm a newbie to this but here goes....

I read the procedure to set up a dual boot on an existing Win7 installation and have a couple of questions.

1. First, in order to set up the partitions, it is suggested that GParted Live or other partition manager could be used. Is there any reason not to use the Win7 partition tools in diskmgmt.msc?

2. My system has three partitions, listed in order: HP RECOVERY (D:smile:, OS (C:smile:, SYSTEM (no drive letter). If I shrink C: to make room for the new XP partition, how do I put the new partition at the end?

1. Much better to use W7 shrink, than a Linux partition manager.
2. No Need. XP will be fine wherever you make the space for it.
That para dates from the very early days of Vista, before anyone had really got to grips with the fact that Windows now had an on-the-fly shrink/extend capability not previously a feature of XP.
It's also a safer option because it just won't let you do anything that will stop it from booting, unlike 3rd party options which, in the wrong hands can certainly achieve unintended consequences.