Dual Boot Setup

I used too be able too run EasyBCD and tell it too add a name a Windows Drive that I wanted too my Dual Boot Menu, when Windows started. For some reason though I added, Windows 10, too the option menu but, when I select it not booting into it.

Oxcoooo428 /Sytem32/winload.exe can not verify digital signature


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You can't boot a newer Windows version using an older Windows bootmgr.
e.g. Vista can't boot 7,8,8.1 or 10,
7 can't boot 8, 8.1 or 10
This is because the older bootmgr sees the newer version of winload doesn't have a signature that it recognizes as genuine.
bootmgr can only be backward compatible i.e recognize contemporary or older signatures on winload.
If you want to dual boot two versions of Windows, you must either boot the drive with the newest version of Windows and add entries for older systems to its BCD, or you can copy the bootmgr from W10 in place of the one on whichever older version of Windows you are currently trying to boot from.
I removed both entries now from Windows 7 and tried too bring up the Windows 10 drive and now getting



The windows Boot config file


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Not a very fail-safe procedure to delete everything from your W7 BCD before trying to boot the W10 drive.
That message is telling you the BCD is empty and EasyBCD would have warned you not to reboot after deleting all of the BCD entries.
Why did you remove W7 from its own BCD anyway ?
Are you sure you've correctly changed the BIOS boot sequence to put the W10 drive above the W7 drive ?
Try hitting F8 repeatedly as you power up and get into the BIOS boot override, where you can select the W10 drive
I know how too edit, my BIOS; I have it set to the Windows 10 Drive and got that message. I removed the entries from the Windows 7 Drive, cause, I would of got a dual boot seperate from the one I want set.


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If you are unable to boot the W10 drive, it would indicate there's not a valid set of boot files there. Did you install W10 or copy it from another PC ?
If you are now also unable to boot the W7 drive because you emptied the BCD, then you'll need to repair either or both with the appropriate Installation disk
Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD
I installed it from a update, the only thing is that I done a reinstall of both the OS's and installed bcd too the Win 10 Drive. I am getting this error, when I bring up Win 7, Windows\system32\DRIVERS\oem-drv64.sys 0xc0000428, Windows cannot verify the digital signature.....


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See my original reply in post #2.
That inv dig sig message is telling you that you are trying to boot W10 from W7's bootmgr, which is not possible.
Is this a Dell PC ?
Dell doesn't allow changing the HHD boot sequence in the BIOS (no idea why not).
It certainly doesn't seem that you are booting from the W10 drive if you are getting that message.
W10 bootmgr can successfully boot all other versions of Windows.
IF you cannot successfully change the HDD boot sequence in the BIOS, you can either do as I suggested and copy the (bigger) W10 bootmgr across to W7's HDD and rename the W7 (smaller) version, or you could physically swap the HDD data cables to change the boot sequence.