Dual boot system Win 7 x86 & Win 7 x64


Hi...Brand new here so please be gentle with me.

I'd like to build a system (this is for a work application) with Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit available.

I've never done anything like this prior to this, so I have no experience to draw on.

I Googled "best bootloader" and ended up here, so I guess using EasyBCD is the way to go.

I'm unsure of several things however:
1. what's the best order in which to do things?
For example: do I install Win 7 x32, then re-partition the hard drive, then install EasyBCD on the x32 partition, then install Win 7 x64 on the empty partition, then configure EasyBCD?

2. is there a "manual" on how to configure the EasyBCD application? I poked around this forum and didn't stumble upon it.

I'm soooooo confused.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi PDM, welcome to NeoSmart.

While we may be the best bootloader around, we're also going to be honest with you: you don't need EasyBCD or anything else to make this work.

Just boot from the Windows 7 32-bit DVD, and then on the page where you choose where you want to install Windows; create *two* partitions, and pick one of them as the destination.

Then after that setup completes, boot from the Windows 7 64-bit disc, click the second partition when asked for the destination, and install that too.

The dual-boot will automatically set itself up. No additional work from you needed.
Thanks CG.
I guess I already knew I could do it that way but since this build is intended for a computer lab where I work that will be used by Computer Information Systems students (32 bit) and Computer Aided Drafting students (64 bit) I guess I was hoping I could make the boot choice interface a little more "elegant".

I probably am over thinking it, but can EasyBCD be set up in this way?
Yes. You need to be able to flip-flop between them, so both sides need the same app.
btw EasyBCD doesn't have a more elegant boot menu than the Microsoft bootmgr, it's the same one.
EasyBCD is an app for manipulating the contents of the BCD. What you see in the menu is being displayed by bootmgr. EasyBCD takes no part in the boot process at all. It's an app used inside a running Windows OS which you can use to alter (amongst many other things) the text describing each OS eg "Windows 7 - 64 bit".
You don't need it to make the dual-boot work (that happens automatically as CG described), but you can use it subsequently to customize the names displayed (in the "Edit Boot Menu" tab)
Thanks much Terry. I'll give it a go and see what happens.


OK...it works.
Just one more question.

Unfortunately, the descriptor for both operating system says "Windows 7". Is there a way for me to change that label? I don't see anything in the iReboot interface that will allow me to do that?
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