Dual boot two HD's - after having one unplugged?


Wait. When you try to boot into XP normally while booting from the Vista disk (i.e. with the boot sequence like it is now), what happens exactly? Do you get to a boot menu, choose to boot into XP, and then the error message comes? Or does it try to boot XP by itself, and fail with the error message?

Sorry. When booting to the Vista disk, the entry for XP does appear (e.g. The option for Vista and XP are available as an option) and when I select XP the error appears (\ntldr).

Now, I just tried redoing the process again => deleted the three files from the root of the Vista disk, removed the XP entry via EasyBCD "Add\Remove" options, saved, rebooted, went back into Vista, added everything back in again, checked that the three files were created again at the Vista root, checked the boot.ini and the "rdisk" values were set at 1. Rebooted, selected the XP option and now the screen goes black?:S Nothing happens, no disk crunching etc.. I think this system has some bad vodoo :smile:

I am going to take the Vista disk and put it in another identical system (making sure to keep Vista as ID1 etc..) and report back.


Weird, same thing on an identical system => just a black screen and no more errors anymore? I verified both OS's still boot properly on their own.
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