Dual boot Vista 64 and Vista 32 bit problem.


Hi, this is my first post, and I'm glad to find this forum.

I had Vista 64 on my C drive and then added another drive(O), to which I installed Vista 32. Both work well, but the only way I can choose which drive to boot to is to physically unplug one or the other. I cannot get the boot manager to appear, either by holding the space bar or F8. Was wondering if its because both OS are Vista.

I tried a startup repair from the Vista Ultimate DVD, but still couldn't see the boot manager. Now I've downloaded EasyBCD, and either I've got it configured wrong or I have some other problem in my computer.

Would really appreciate some help.
Get EasyBCD 2.0 latest build
Boot whichever system you want to be controlling the boot.
Run Easy / add/remove entries / select the windows tab and Vista dropdown.
Set the drive to the letter which the running system sees the other system as.
Terry60, thanks. This is the first time in the day and a half I've been working on this that I see the boot manager. Both Windows Vista(C drive with 64bit) and Microsoft Windows(O drive with 32bit) show up, but I can't get them to move. Tried the up and down arrows and the left and right arrows. Nothing budges and then when the time out is over it boots into the default C drive.
Each time I left it until the not responding message disappeared. Then I had to add the other drive again in add/. Now I checked system configuration/boot and find that the 2nd hdd is not showing.
At the moment I'm in the process of uninstalling the beta 2 and then reinstall to see if I can get my 2nd drive to show again.


Okay. both hdd's show again in boot. But I still can't choose one or the other in boot manager. Should I use Tab?
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