Dual boot Vista 64 and XO Pro 32


OK, I have two HDDs installed one Vista 64 bit and one XP Pro 32 bit. I get to the dual boot in start up. But when I try to boot the XP HDD it gives me an error message NTDR. I have the original XP cd. Am I supposed to load the CD and change bios to start from the CD and repair system? I am having a really hard time understanding the wiki instructions.
Hello kairoamorro,
I tried to run the update for EasyBCD. I show it as 1.7.2 It said I was currently up to date. Is there a newer version I should be downloading manually?
I followed the link. I did get XP to boot. But XP boots to the XP logo. I see the mouse cursor. Then blue screen error. It happens so fast I cant read it. Even if I change boot order to the XP drive I can no longer boot to this drive. Appears I have lost the system.
Disconnect the Vista HDD to protect it from change, boot your XP CD and select "repair install".
This should fix any system files on XP without losing your user data or installed apps.
When it's finished, reconnect the Vista HDD and put it 1st in the BIOS boot sequnce.
Ok, I disconnected the Vista HDD. I am glad I posted. I started this process with the Vista HDD still installed. Then decided to post. I was worried it would write over the Vista HDD. Fingers crossed.


DO I need to do anything besides reconnect the Vista HDD to get the dual boot to work?'
Thanks for all the help.


Well That didn't work. It would start to repair the OS and blue screen out again. I also tried to reinstall XP with a quick format and that blue screened out. I am currently trying to do a complete reformat (long) and get XP reloaded. Not sure what else it could be.
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OK, I have both drives working Vista 64 and XP Pro 32.The 2,.0 version is a breeze for us guys who are totally lost. Thanks for all the help. Now to see if I can pull off a Tri boot with XP.Vista, and Ubuntu...
I may try and partition my 500GB HDD with only XP Pro on it into three partitions. From what I have read. I should install Vista 64 bit, then Ubuntu. That would give the choice of all three OS correct.
Can you do quad boot. I want to get a Windows 7 64bit soon. start playing with that. Unfortunately I still have a few small programs that will not run on Vista or a 64bit OS.
OK, so I must need a second party software in order to partition my current 500GB XP Pro 32 HDD. I am trying to split the drive into two partitions and install Vista 64 on the second partition. But when I right click on the drive in drive management. Its not an available option.
You need to select the Shrink (or Resize - I don't remember which) option, and then specify how much you want to shrink the partition. If you have any trouble resizing (it wont work if you're trying to resize the partition the OS you're running is on), then you can boot from the Ubuntu LiveCD (installation disk...whatever you wanna call it), get into the Live session (by choosing the Try Ubuntu With No Change To My Computer or some such option), go to System>Administration>Partition-something-or-other and that will be Gparted. You can then use that tool to resize the partition from off the CD (so you wont be running of the partition you're trying to resize), and get the space you need. Then once you got the free space, just create an NTFS partition, and install Vista to it.

Cheers, and good luck.

I don't think shrink is an option in XP DM, only Vista or W7.
You should be able to boot Vista, and shrink your XP from there.

(Welcome back Jake - that was a very long holiday !)
I don't think shrink is an option in XP DM, only Vista or W7.
You should be able to boot Vista, and shrink your XP from there.

(Welcome back Jake - that was a very long holiday !)

Oh yeah...whoops! Forgot to clarify to do that from Vista, not XP. :tongueout:

Thanks Terry. I guess I can't help coming back here, though, once in a while, eh...? :wink:

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