Dual Boot: Vista and Fedora


Hello all, new to the boards. I have an issue and would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance! Issue is, I have installed Fedora 9 and now windows just boots to well windows! I downloaded easybcd and tried adding fedora to the boot but I dont know what disk # and partition # it is. Is there a way to find this information out? Thanks again guys!
Hi davew2k10, welcome to NST.

You need to make sure that you are on the Linux tab when creating the entry. The drop-down should indicate your ext2 partition so just select that and check the box for gub is not installed. Add the entry, reboot, and see if it works.
kairozamorro, thanks for the quick reply! However, when I am in the linux tab, maybe because it is the newer version, the partition part just says " hard disk: with a tab that you hit up or down 1-9 and then it says partition: with a tab that you hit up or down 1-9." I have no idea what to do here. Any help would be appreciated!
Fedora - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Hello Dave, I think you may be using a older version. Not a newer version. Cause according to our Wiki created with version 1.7.1 which is the latest stable build, Kairo is right.

Update to the latest version of EasyBCD and follow the instructions on the wiki. You should be all set.