Dual boot vista and windows 2003 server


I have a laptop with vista installed and working already. I wish to install windows 2003 server enterprise and wish to have a dual boot step.

If there is any guide for the same available would be helpful for the same. I have checked alot of thing but get info for XP and Vista only would it work the same way or there is something else I need to try.

Thanks alot for your advice in advance as well:smile:
Hi wsmin, welcome to NST.
Yes, EasyBCD 2.0's auto-configure feature will work just as well with 2003 as it will with XP, since both use the same bootloader (NTLDR). Just install Win 2003 Server, boot the Vista dvd, and run Startup Repair to put Vista back in charge of the boot, then boot Vista, install EasybCD, add a XP-type entry, and let it auto-configure, and you'll have your dual-boot. :smile:

Hi Thanks for reverting.....I know the part installing server 2003 and startup rapir and booting to vista again I have done till that part...if possible can you gimme the exact steps that I need to know after installing BCD.

Sorry I am new to easybcd software so doesn't know much about it:frowning:

Thanks again for reverting