Dual Boot Vista and XP question


Hi there,
I have 2 separate hard drives, HD0 is running Vista and HD1 is running XP Pro. I have installed EasyBCD and configured it on the Vista drive. When I tried to boot XP however, it gave me a boot.ini file error. I transferred my boot.ini file from the XP drive to the vista drive and I no longer receive that error. However, XP will simply not start. It locks on the white progress bar and black screen.

Any help on this issue would be appreciated. :smile:


Hi Rick, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Did you install XP to this machine, or is this an image previously made or an HD transferred from another machine?
I had xp already installed on my hard drive. I bought a new hard drive, installed xp pro on the new drive, upgraded it to vista, and am now having this problem after trying to use easyBCD.

The Vista drive is first on the IDE chain(primary) then the XP drive. I have EasyBCD set to default to Vista. The XP drive is marked C and the Vista drive is marked E. Except in Vista, as you know it flip flops. :smile:


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OK, if indeed you see the grey progress bar for a split second after you select to start Windows XP then I think your Windows XP was corrupted in the progress and needs a repair reinstall (by sticking the XP cd in the drive and selecting repair install when prompted).

Just to be sure, can you copy NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM to all drives? You find them here: Windows XP
I copied all the necessary files to all drives but I still get stuck on the progress bar. I will do a repair install and get back to you. Do the jumpers on the HDD's need to be set a certain way?

Thanks for your input. :smile:

I did a fresh install on my XP drive and its working now. Thanks for the advice. Now if I can just figure out my video card problems. :smile: