Dual boot Vista and XP


Hello all, I need some help here. I have a single hard drive with Vista and partition space for XP.
I had it all working fine using EasyBCD. But something happen, when I try to boot XP I get a missing NTLDR. The only way to which between Vista and XP is to go to EasyBCD Bootloader Setup and swicth between "Install Windows Vista bootloader MBR" or "Install Windows XP bootloader MBR". What can I do to be able to switch operating systems at the start of the boot screen. Thanks
Install Vista/7 bootloader if you're not already in Vista.
Boot Vista
get EasyBCD 2.0
Add new entry > windows tab > select XP dropdown
Let EasyBCD auto-configure
Don't change the drive allocation.
It works now. Thank you very much Terry. One more thing I now have two entries of Vista at the boot screen do I delete one does it matter which one. I'm able to boot both entries. Thanks again.
In "View settings" you should see that the 2 entries have identical information.
Use "Edit Boot Menu" to remove one of them.
You can also customize the names you see in the boot menu there, the order of display, the default choice and the time taken to start the boot if you allow it to take the default option. (5 seconds is good - enough time to make a choice if you don't want the default - no undue delay when you do let it default.)
hey guys registered cause i have problems i cant solve myself.

i myself technician, customer request was to install xp in windows 7 base computer(laptop lenovo u450p)

followed guide and basicly did it bfore with win 95-98-milenium and so on.
same base - making 2 pri (hidden)part. and change active status between 2 os.
guide was realy clear i installed on my pc with same hd both win7 and xp work perfect but.....

on customer pc nooooo have to b problems othervise i dont feel like i (earn)
here is problem: windows 7 home premium 32bit shrunk main partition half/half rebooted started with winxp boot setup had an error ( blue screen 0x0000007b) error - solved! was an ahci configuration in bios changed it to ide (win7 installed in ahci :smile:)
anyway i installed xp on new created primary partition , installed netframework installed easybcd and oops no os choice screen going right into xp (did it on my pc works fine)
in edit entry window was 2 choices win7 default added winxp with auto config fine same result no os choice screen, in my computer was 3 partitions 1 of them c: was system reserved from windows 7 bcd was writing boot into it d: windows 7 e: windows xp - solved ( deleted it installeed again xp and trying bcd again - same result going directly on to xp no os select screen, figured i gotta get onto windows 7 again and try from there, changing from ide to ahci in bios and trying to load into win7 - no luk gotta repair boot - solved went into windows 7 installed bcd in edit window only 1 selection win7 recovered and i cant add winxp because bcd cant find valid installed windows on mounted devices! partition is hidden for obvios reason in windows 7?
anyway figured maby its a problem with ahci so i followed guides and converted windows to support ide without reinstalling windows.
changed to ide trying again with bcd same result cant add windows xp to entry.
reseting mbr to winxp and booting in to it, now i scratch my head what to do because it seems i cant get in to os choices screen goes directly in to xp!
honestly guys im tyred a bit fixing mbr of any of the windowses have them both running on my pc but on customers laptop doesnt.
need help ty!
time is limited because i need to return it asap!