Dual Boot Vista/Fedora 10


I have one hdd partitioned into 4 logical drives right now:

0: My factory recovery partition
1: Vista, primary
2: Fedora 10, root
3: Fedora swap

The fedora install is fresh (obviously, it's 10), but I formatted the last two sections and just set up the new partitioning today (during fedora's install). I did [/b]not[/b] install grub to the mbr like the wiki instructs and installed it to the first sector of boot partition.

So that install is working yay. I reboot back to vista to set up eBCD and add the linux entry entry, selecting partion 2, and checking the box that grub isn't in the mbr (i've tried both to be sure, but i'm 99% I check that box). So I reboot and I come to Vista's Boot Loader and I see both options, Vista works and Fedora 10 just boots to the grub interface.

I'm sure i'm missing some minor step here but can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance.
The step in which you get a menu in grub's menu mode (rather than a prompt) will be correct, you just need to edit your grub entries if they don't reference the correct location for Fedora (since its all on the same disk I would look at the y part in "root (hdx,y)" in your entries using grub's edit feature and see if changing the numbers can boot Fedora successfully. Your x should be 0 since its all on the same disk and i'm assuming you boot the computer from this hard drive.
Yeah, after messing around with grub I got it to work, not really sure what I did wrong the first time, but another clean install after another format got it working fine after I set up grub again.

Thanks though.