Dual boot Vista Fedora


Hi All,
I am in trouble :smile:
I have a Lenovo G550 laptop with pre-installed Vista. I have downloaded the software EasyBCD but not installed. I followed this article to install a dual boot with Fedora 11: Fedora - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki , there it says in the beginning "You can use these steps whether no matter whether you are installing Fedora before or after Windows Vista.". OK! so I went on following the article. In the step 4 it says: "If you have entries other than "Fedora" in that list, you may want to remove them for a smoother dual-boot procedure later on.". So I found that there was another entry called "Other" probably the Vista system and then I deleted it(I guess here was my mistake!!). The problem now is that my laptop only boots straight to Fedora but from Fedora I still can see the Vista folders. Question: Is it still possible to dual boot? Can I install EasyBCD in Vista through Fedora and then set up it? Hopefully it is clear and sorry for the long story!
Thanks a lot in advance.
It also says in that step that you must tick the box
"Configure advanced boot loader options"
Then in the advanced screen you tell it not to let grub overwrite the MBR.
That way Vista stays in control of the boot, and you just add a Linux entry to the BCD with EasyBCD.

You've allowed Linux to overwrite the boot process and take over control, and you've also removed the grub entry for getting back into Vista (which would have been fine if you'd left Vista boot intact.)

Do you have a Vista DVD ?

If not, get yourself a copy of our recovery ISO, and burn it to CD.

Boot the disk and "repair your computer" "startup repair" 3 times to put Vista back in charge of the boot, then run EasyBCD 2.0 latest build to add an entry for Linux to the BCD.
Thanks, Terry. I downloaded and burnt the recovery ISO CD. After I press "Repair your computer" pop-up the System Recovery Options window to select an OP to repair but there is nothing listed there for me so it is said there that I need to load drivers for my HD. Which ones? If i click next and press Startup Repair this message comes up "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically". So I am in the same situation as before. I guess i am doing something wrong. Could you still help me?
Thanks a lot.
The repair sometimes cannot find the system when you have multiple HDDs, especially if they're a mix of IDE/SATA.
If that applies, temporarily disconnect the othe HDD(s) before the repair.
If that doesn't apply, try clicking "next" even though it can't see the system.
That sometimes completes the 1st repair, and when you do the 2nd and 3rd, the OS will magically have reappeared.
I just have 1 HD in my laptop. I clicked next at least 4 times and unfortunately the message was always the same: "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically".
Try running a chkdsk /f from the recovery console ("command prompt") further down the "startup repair" page (it'll take a while), and if it finds and fixes some bad blocks in the boot sector, give the repair another try.