Dual Boot Vista&Leopard on dell Inspiron 1525


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hey guys, i need help to make a dual boot

i have a pre-installed vista in my c partition

i am gonna set up a leopard on my laptop

so my request is

how to use easybcd

how about this?

1- resize the c partition to have a decent space for my leopard

2- create a new partition as HFS& Set as active

3- Boot to vista and open easybcd and then add entry

4- restart and set up leopard

i watched also videos on youtube about easybcd and some guy mark the vista partition to be bootable from flag menu

plz help cuz i am so confused and i know for sure this pro is easier than Chameleon bootloader.

i just need help about the dual boot process not the setup process of leopard
Hello WhYSoOoSerious (Batman-the Dark Knight was a great movie, btw). Welcome to NST. Don't set your OS X partition to "active" after creating it, or else Vista wont boot. What you need to do is:

1- resize the c partition to have a decent space for your leopard

2- restart and set up leopard

3- Use the leopard setup to create the partition out of the free space, formatted as HFS+

4- Boot to vista and open easybcd and then add entry

That general scheme should get you to where you want to be, i.e. a dual-boot of Vista and Leopard.


EDIT: And if the OS X bootloader replaces the Vista MBR, you will need to run Startup Repair from the Vista dvd/our recovery disk 2-3 times to fix the issue. Then you should be able to boot just fine into Vista.
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hey dude, thnx 4 ur instant support ( The Dark Knight is just a brilliant movie,and Heath leadger performance was beyond awesomeness:smile:).....Any Way that's my hard drive part list.


i wanna resize my vista partition ( Part 3) without messing up the visat or the data

also i don't wanna mess up my recovery partition.

as far as i know,i have to defrag the partition to aviod any error

i have all the partitioning programs...

Partition magic( won't work through vista)
Acronis, Paragon, ...etc

i have also around 10 bootable cds as herin boot , paragon&acronis bootable,...and bunch more:joy:

what is the best way to reszie the vista partition without messin up any thing:wink:?
P.S; i know i can do it through disk manger through the windows without any pros but i want the easy and safe way
Why don't you think disk management is safe ?
I installed W7 in space I liberated from my backup partition using Vista disk management "shrink", after first cleaning out all old dross, moving some stuff to other places (temporarily or permanently), then defragging the remaining data.
It worked perfectly.
You're far more likely to damage a Vista partitioning system with a 3rd party app, especially if you've had it a while. Remember that the partition boundaries conform to new standards invented for the current generation of very large HDDs, of which Vista was an early adopter.
Apps pre-dating that change can do serious damage to a configuration which complies with it.
New releases of the 3rd party apps should cope with either, but you need to be very sure yours is compatible.
Vista shouldn't damage itself.
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thnx terry for ur reply, actually i used to think that any thing that comes with windows is better than 3rd party pros....Some guys told me that other as partition magic, Gparted live cd, parted magic....etc are so much better and function well than the windows disk mangamnet, so i download all the pros and all the bootable cds.i used partition magic from dos alot and it works like a charm .any way i am gonna use Windows Disk Mangamnet
but i didn't try it before so a little guide will be great, i have about 60 giga free so do i have to move more data from the partition or just defrag&shrink?

thnx any way for sharing ur exp

Oh, i wanna ask also about the vista recovery cd

can i regain vista bootloader by this way instead of chosing startup repaire

open command

from diskpart select the vista partition and set it as active.

is it the same as startup repaire?
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Clean up anything redundant and move out any very large files before you defrag and shrink.
It just gives you more options if Vista could shrink your 220Gb to 100 rather than 180.
You don't have to let it go that small, just tell it how far to shrink, but at least you have a greater choice.
You can put the large files back after the shrink has completed.
Setting a partition "active" doesn't fix the boot. It could do the exact opposite.
The active flag tells the MBR where the boot files are located, nothing more.
If the Boot is broken, it could need a complete new BCD, a new bootmgr or a new MBR, or any combination of them. That's what the "startup repair" does, determines what's wrong and fixes it.
Unfortunately it's a bit clunky and only seems capable of dealing with one thing at a time, hence the need to run it 2 or 3 times usually before Vista boots normally again.
Have a read of this multibooting guide. It's very educational, and should be required reading before anyone plays around with dual-booting.
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i defraged my vista partiton and now i have 57 giga free.after that i opened the disk management to shrink it, the screen shown that i can;t shrink it ( Only 26 mega aviliable for shrinking) so what a heck is wrong?

I'd be interested to see if you can get it working, might run Leopard on my 1525 too if its possible.

Disk management gets a little picky sometimes, especially when you're dealing with a partition housing the OS you're currently in. Boot from a Vista DVD and act like you're re-installing Windows til you get to the partition screen. From there click the option for advanced/additional options, select the partition you want to shrink and hit the shrink button. When that's done just cancel out of Windows setup and boot from Leopard's dvd to format for hfs/install.
thnx man about ur support

dell inspiron 1525 can run leopard 4 sure

i have been serachin the web for 3 weeks for every info that i can get and i got plenty

here is a guide if u intereted http://macyourpc.com/2009/03/10/dell-inspiron-1525-hackintosh-ipc-guide/

about ur suggest to use vista dvd to shrink the partition

i tried just one min ago to shrink the partition using Gparted Live cd
and i have a warrin about data loss so do u think is it a safe way?

i don;t have vista dvd, i am gonna download one if is save

so plz inform me
thnx dude ur help, i am now downhing vista and i am hopping every goes well

i can't back up cuz i have no available space on my 2 laptops and my desktop

my only concern is data loss cuz i spent long time downlaodin them around 700 giga

so did u try this way before or just asugget?
You can also try using Diskpart from the command prompt (either in Vista if you don't have the same problem that you had using Disk Management, or from the vista dvd you're downloading):
select disk 0
select partition 3
That is what I used to shrink my own Vista partition when working out a multiboot, and it gave me about, I want to say, 40% of the free space back from the partition, and then I simply created a partition out of the free space for XP with a 3rd party booting/partitioning/imaging tool.
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first of all i wanna thank u guys for ur awesome support

secondly, i searched the web for shrinkig vista partition by using diskpart and i found this
  1. Shrink a volume (reduce size of partition) in DiskPart To reduce the size of the volume with focus by the specified amount and makes free disk space available from unused space at the end of the volume, use following command syntax:
    shrink [desired=<n>] [minimum=<N>] [nowait] [noerr]
    Example: shrink desired=500 minimum=250 (Shrink volume by 500 MB, with 250 MB as minimum size to be freed if not possible.)
    To check and determine how much is the maximum number of bytes that a volume can be reduced by (the free space that is available on the volume), use following command:
    shrink querymax [noerr]

So what do i have to write simply to shrink my partiton (only 20 giga less) not the whole free space

sorry folks askin a lot but i don't wanna mess up anything
shrink desired=20480 minimum=15360
That will give you 20 GBs back if its possible, or at minimum 15 GBs. 1 GB = 1024 MBs

GL, and let us know how it goes.

i don't know really what to do?


i defraged the hard twice with vista advanced optimizer and diskkeeper

it is silly cuz i have around 6o giga free space and i can't make 20 giga patition out of it
Try just
as originally suggested, and it should shrink it as much as is possible. That is what worked for me, and it still left free space for me in my Vista partition afterwards.
my only concern is data loss cuz i spent long time downlaodin them around 700 giga

so did u try this way before or just asugget?

Tried it, was trying to extend a fat32 partition in my case. You don't want to lose 700 gis of data. Ended up messing up the entrie drive. Thankfully I had an image of the thing and had it working again within 15 minutes :smile:

In regards to shrinking with diskpart, you could also try "shrink querymax"... that should return the max amount in MB you can take from the partition.
Damn it guys, i don't know why it is so harsh

i don't know what to try i defraged it twice, i did everthing as far as i know and still nothing


i have now 56 giga as free ( Used to be 60 i don't know where is the rest)

If only i don't care about the data in the partition ( by the way the 700 gis is in three pc's not on this only
i have on my dell around 12o gis of them)

Help Guys