Dual boot Vista/Ubuntu: couple partition questions

jin psu

Well I'm just about ready to install Ubuntu on a Dell desktop that came with Vista Home Premium. Using gParted, I freed up about 40gigs at the end of the disk (SATA HD), deleted the small FAT16 Dell Utility Partition at the front of the disk, and extended the Vista partition to the beginning of the disk. However, it looks like the partition table still labels the Vista partition as the 2nd. See below:

[ -- Vista (sda2) -- ] [ -- Unpartitioned Space -- ]

If I play around with the partitioner in the Ubuntu installer (w/o actually installing) this is how I'd like to set it up:

[ -- Vista (sda2) -- ] [ -- / (sda1) -- ] [ -- swap (sda3) -- ] [ -- /home (sda4) -- ]

I want to install GRUB on '/'.

Now the questions:

(1) Do I install GRUB to (hd0,0) since '/' will be sda1 in the partition table even though it is physically the second partition?

(2) Why does the Ubuntu HOWTO on this site say to use ReiserFS as a filesystem instead of ext3?

(3) When configuring EasyBCD, will the drive be Partition 1 or 2? (e.g., will partition 1 be the first physical partition on the disk or the first logical partition per the partition table since mine are a bit out-of-order).


1) Yes. What matters is the partition table, not the physical order.
2) We like reiserfs more. :smile: It's an all-around better, faster, and higher-quality filesystem. Extfs is really slow and old.
3) Same as partition table.